Friday, 23 February 2018

Small Business as We Do!

Part - VI

Sales and Marketing

Setting up business and start producing something is relatively easy if compared with Marketing and Sell. This is because, while you are setting up a business or producing something, it appears as no one is in front of you but when you start trying to sale, there is lot of competition in this Global village.
Some time it feels as everyone is trying to sale and no one is busing. Also, in many cases, while planning small business, marketing and sales budgets were ignored. Fact is the Marketing and sales budgets should be much more than that of actual product cost. Even it could be more than fifty percent of total budget.
Due to technology, internet and social media Sales and Marketing techniques are changed completely. Digital Marketing is more effective and less costly than the conventional marketing techniques. However, conventional marketing still has its own impact.

Marketing and Sales strategy may contain;
1.   Cold Calls
2.   Emails campaigns
3.   Search Engine Optimization
4.   Social Media Optimization
5.   Paid Online Advertisements
6.   Print Media
7.   Electronic Media
8.   Exhibitions

Adapting any or many of the above depends on the nature of product or services of the small business. Marketing mix is always recommended instead of using a single way of doing Sales and Marketing.

Lead generation, touch base and follow-up are the main steps towards sales. Conversions depends on factors like;

1.   Sales Pitch
2.   Understanding requirement
3.   Offering right solution
4.   Quality of solution
5.   Reliability of organization
6.   Cost of solution
7.   Sales person competency

Last factor is the most important and this factor is governed by passion, knowledge, experience and qualification of sales person.
Without good effective Sales and Marketing strategy and resource to implement the same, no business can be successful.
Sales and Marketing needs patience, consistence and right steps in right direction. This is just like Fishing. Boring and tiring till you get a Fish.

Let’s Sale!

Writer, Shahid H. Qadri is Founder, CEO of, small business dealing in IT enabled services since last eighteen years.

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