Tuesday, 27 February 2018


Part – VIII 

Project Management 
Project management does not apply only for companies giving services but this is equally applicable to other kind of organizations because Production or Trading can also be taken as short term or long-term kind of projects. These are activities to run business and to make money and these activities are linked with human resource and material resource and without a proper management, this is not possible to have smooth and efficient business flow that eventual grow. 

Standard procedures must be set-up and followed to run the business. Timely adjustments in the processes are must to keep moving. Reporting mechanism is important to see the results and to apply corrective measures whenever required. 
There are different kind of proven controls and processes available and applied without inventing the wheel again. 
Sprints, Scrums and use of White boards are some activities in use by almost all kind of companies to check and follow activities on daily basis with efficiency and less hassle. 
Efficient management need proper, clear Communication, documentation and reports. These are must. 
Every project has a start date and an end date. In between there are mile-stones and goals. Without making time-lines a part of commitment, this is unlikely that the organization will grow. This need clear understanding of scope of work. Jumping in to a task without understanding its nature and solution is most killing factor for an organization.  Pert Charts, Gantt Charts and use of proper project management tools help managing projects and without these project management may turn into a night mare.  
Engaging proper team for projects is the key behind successful projects. Proper hierarchy with clear understanding of roles and responsibilities are also very important and avoid misunderstanding and messing up of projects.  
This is always important to give enough time to plan project execution and get into pre-process activities before going to execute projects. Initial time spent in pre-processing can save lot of time, in case project get messed-up. 
Let’s Manage! 

Writer, Shahid H. Qadri is Founder, CEO of PNTGlobal.com, small business dealing in IT enabled services since last eighteen years.

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