Thursday, 22 February 2018

Small Business As We Do! 
Part – V
Human Resource Management

From hiring till retention, human resource management need lot of considerations. For multi nationals and big organizations, hiring and retention is not that challenging as in small businesses. This is because most of the time employs takes small businesses as punching bag. Fast turnaround of employs put small businesses in trouble as most of the time is wasted in finding and training resources and once they are ready to become productive they left the organization putting the organization in trouble again. Therefore, this is imperative to make sure that the resource is reliable in terms of availability at least till the completion of any specific project or task. Formal contracts are also important, which in many cases ignored by small business owners.
Below are some of the points important to remember while hiring a resource.
1.       Be sure what kind of human resource is required in terms of;
a.       Qualification
b.       Skills
c.       Experience
d.       Salary Budget
e.       Job Period
f.        Location
2.       Secondary considerations are;
a.       Age group
b.       Gender
Above all the most important factor is attitude that includes personality, appearance, confidence, intelligence and integrity. Most of these factors can be judged only based on experience and feel. In any case these should not be ignored.

Hired person must be clearly informed about the responsibility, expectations, report system, office decorum and policies. Regular evaluation reports and corrective measures including penalties and bonuses are important to keep the discipline and productive professional environment.
Hiring a proper HR-consultant, even on part time basis is worth to have an efficient, productive and profitable professional business environment.
Capacity and Capability are the two main factors defining the productivity and profitability of an organization.

Capacity can be termed as quantity of resources including human resource and capability is the quality of resource. More employs do not mean the organization will give more profits because it also depends on the skills and experience of the team member to produces results. In-competent resource is nothing but a liability and competent and able resource is an asset.
Capacity can be increased any time by adding more resources but capability need continuous training's and mentoring.
To retain capable and experienced resource the most important factors to consider are;
        1. Relationship between management and employ
         2. Working environment
.       3. Financial compensations
These factors play important role for employ to remain or not with an organization.
Let’s Hire!

Writer, Shahid H. Qadri is Founder, CEO of, small business dealing in IT enabled services since last eighteen years.

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