Friday, 23 February 2018

Small Business as We Do!

Part - VI

Sales and Marketing

Setting up business and start producing something is relatively easy if compared with Marketing and Sell. This is because, while you are setting up a business or producing something, it appears as no one is in front of you but when you start trying to sale, there is lot of competition in this Global village.
Some time it feels as everyone is trying to sale and no one is busing. Also, in many cases, while planning small business, marketing and sales budgets were ignored. Fact is the Marketing and sales budgets should be much more than that of actual product cost. Even it could be more than fifty percent of total budget.
Due to technology, internet and social media Sales and Marketing techniques are changed completely. Digital Marketing is more effective and less costly than the conventional marketing techniques. However, conventional marketing still has its own impact.

Marketing and Sales strategy may contain;
1.   Cold Calls
2.   Emails campaigns
3.   Search Engine Optimization
4.   Social Media Optimization
5.   Paid Online Advertisements
6.   Print Media
7.   Electronic Media
8.   Exhibitions

Adapting any or many of the above depends on the nature of product or services of the small business. Marketing mix is always recommended instead of using a single way of doing Sales and Marketing.

Lead generation, touch base and follow-up are the main steps towards sales. Conversions depends on factors like;

1.   Sales Pitch
2.   Understanding requirement
3.   Offering right solution
4.   Quality of solution
5.   Reliability of organization
6.   Cost of solution
7.   Sales person competency

Last factor is the most important and this factor is governed by passion, knowledge, experience and qualification of sales person.
Without good effective Sales and Marketing strategy and resource to implement the same, no business can be successful.
Sales and Marketing needs patience, consistence and right steps in right direction. This is just like Fishing. Boring and tiring till you get a Fish.

Let’s Sale!

Writer, Shahid H. Qadri is Founder, CEO of, small business dealing in IT enabled services since last eighteen years.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Small Business As We Do! 
Part – V
Human Resource Management

From hiring till retention, human resource management need lot of considerations. For multi nationals and big organizations, hiring and retention is not that challenging as in small businesses. This is because most of the time employs takes small businesses as punching bag. Fast turnaround of employs put small businesses in trouble as most of the time is wasted in finding and training resources and once they are ready to become productive they left the organization putting the organization in trouble again. Therefore, this is imperative to make sure that the resource is reliable in terms of availability at least till the completion of any specific project or task. Formal contracts are also important, which in many cases ignored by small business owners.
Below are some of the points important to remember while hiring a resource.
1.       Be sure what kind of human resource is required in terms of;
a.       Qualification
b.       Skills
c.       Experience
d.       Salary Budget
e.       Job Period
f.        Location
2.       Secondary considerations are;
a.       Age group
b.       Gender
Above all the most important factor is attitude that includes personality, appearance, confidence, intelligence and integrity. Most of these factors can be judged only based on experience and feel. In any case these should not be ignored.

Hired person must be clearly informed about the responsibility, expectations, report system, office decorum and policies. Regular evaluation reports and corrective measures including penalties and bonuses are important to keep the discipline and productive professional environment.
Hiring a proper HR-consultant, even on part time basis is worth to have an efficient, productive and profitable professional business environment.
Capacity and Capability are the two main factors defining the productivity and profitability of an organization.

Capacity can be termed as quantity of resources including human resource and capability is the quality of resource. More employs do not mean the organization will give more profits because it also depends on the skills and experience of the team member to produces results. In-competent resource is nothing but a liability and competent and able resource is an asset.
Capacity can be increased any time by adding more resources but capability need continuous training's and mentoring.
To retain capable and experienced resource the most important factors to consider are;
        1. Relationship between management and employ
         2. Working environment
.       3. Financial compensations
These factors play important role for employ to remain or not with an organization.
Let’s Hire!

Writer, Shahid H. Qadri is Founder, CEO of, small business dealing in IT enabled services since last eighteen years.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Small Business as We Do!

The basic purpose to start a setup of small business is to prove that entrepreneurs can we successful at their first step towards a successful small business. The main role and responsibility of small business is to cater niche segment and to full-fill all the requirements of newly established firms at a lower budget.

Part – IV
What will be Your Role?
Small business means less resources with big dreams to make reality. This need patience, hardworking and consistent struggle. Small business need strict rules to follow otherwise things will become out of control and result will be a failure. To keep things in control and financially feasible, most of the time small business owners has to play many roles from Strategic Planning to Supervision. Time management, proper documentation, reports mechanism and controls make it easy to adapt all kind of roles.

Businesses normally has following areas to manage.

1.  Human Resource management.
2.  Financial Management.
3.  Sales and Marketing.
4. Client Relationship Management.

Depending upon the requirement and financial conditions, small business owners may hire persons to look after the areas or part of the areas mentioned above. However, at the top of these small business owner himself has to watch.

Human resource role in any organization can be divided in to three categories.

1. Director, the one who can foresee the future both in terms of opportunities and issues.
2. Manager, the one whose main concern to keep things moving to achieve the targets.
3. Worker, the one who is mostly focused on what is in hand and give-up whenever there is any hurdle.

Most of the time small business owner has to adapt the role of any one mentioned above. He or She act as Director and at the same time be on floor to help the team as their Managers and in case of emergency or situational requirement they are in field to work with the team.
Small business owner can not afford to hesitate doing anything. They cannot confine themselves to a particular rigid set of responsibilities. They need to have an open mind to accept any position any time to keep things moving.

Let’s work!

Writer, Shahid H. Qadri is Founder, CEO of, small business dealing in IT enabled services since last eighteen years.
Small Business As We Do!

To relate the previous two parts; part I and part II which is associated to small business as well. However, this is brief connective among the two parts which explains in detail all the attributes associated and are mandatory for small business. As explain in part I the question is answered what is small business? Similarly part II is a elaboration who can do small business? 


How to Start Small Business

Easiest way to start a small business is Just Start it. Yes, take a risk. Some times there is no harm in taking calculated risk. If you are feeling shy or hesitant in starting a business then you are not the one who can be an entrepreneur. Sorry but it’s a truth. Brave, bold and confident attitude is the first step to become successful entrepreneur. This does not mean that do things blindly but too much thinking will not take you anywhere. Think, Plan and Act.
Even most thoughtful businesses with well managed plans often fail. Doing business itself is a risky job but this is why entrepreneurs and businessmen enjoy their success because they reach their destination after taking many risks.

          Thinking and Planning a small business should have a checklist including;
      1. Evaluate yourself first
           2. Go for an idea.
           3. Get market feedback for the idea.
      4. Who will be your Audience.
      5. What kind of efforts will be required.
      6. What should be the minimum and maximum budget.
      7. Divide your plan in phases and milestones.
      8. Think for possible Partners.
      9. Set Goals with Timelines.
      10. Get Started.

Don’t get afraid from failure. Don’t think something small or something very big. Don’t think that what others will say. Those who are your well wishers will encourage you, even if you fail and those who are not will never feel happy even if you are successful so no need to waste time to think how others will feel. Think inside you and think what will make you feel happy. Your happiness will give you encouragement and motivation than anything else. Do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do.

Get it done!

Writer, Shahid H. Qadri is Founder, CEO of, small business dealing in IT enabled services since last eighteen years.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Small Business

As discussed in previous part regarding small business. We have previously answered the question what is small  business? As defined the small business can be started anywhere with very little finance and no huge space with larger no of employees is required.

Part - II
Who can do Small Business?

Anyone can do Small Business. Small business is not conditions to any Gender, Age or need any prior experience to begin with. No age is too early or too late to start a small business. There are several examples of successful entrepreneurs who started there business as small business in very early age and now their business is a big corporate business. Similar examples are there for persons started business in very old age.

Also, there is no Gender is specific to any kind of small business. Many successful business men are associated with business often termed as female specific, like beauty parlors, boutiques and similarly women entrepreneurs are doing great in male oriented businesses like event management, trading etc.Thanks to the technology, physical boundaries are no more as valid as before. From anywhere in the world, anyone can access any market. No more Race, Religion and Nationalities are big concerns to do a business. Computer and internet are the only two things to get in to the arena and accept the challenge.

Delivery systems and payment transfer mechanism which themselves are the businesses made it more easy and convenient to do small business. One should not worry how he or she can deliver the product and services, even to other parts of the world and how will get the payments. There are lot of proven solutions available.There is no big infra-structure required to do small business and most of the time need very small investment, depending upon the nature of business selected and the plan.  Some times this is so small that there is no hassle to take the risk and if nothing happened good, at least one should have a good experience.So, Let’s Start!

Writer, Shahid H. Qadri is Founder, CEO of, small business dealing in IT enabled services since last eighteen years.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Small Business

Doing business is classical art governed by scientific rules and processes. It’s not everyone game but need a particular type of attitude towards life with a passion to achieve something, something really big. Passion creates vision that gives energy and enthusiasm. These are must ingredients for a successful business. Business need long term patience with consistent hardworking.
Businesses can be categorized in different ways. In term of size, businesses are categorized in Large, Medium and Small businesses. Here we will discuss only Small Business.

Part - I
What is Small Business?

Small Business normally refers to business owned by a single person, Proprietorship or few partners, Partnership. It has few employs with less annual revenues than Corporate Businesses. Almost every established business in the world today has some kind of historical link to small business and most of the time effort of a single or at most two to three people’s partnership.
Every year thousands of persons entered in the arena of small business with both new and old ideas. However, few are the lucky one to continue their business after one year. There are several reasons for this and main concept of this article is to discuss these factors in detail that may help new comers to avoid the mistakes and take the right direction without wasting time in doing hit and trial.

Small Business may be one of the several types like Services, Retail, Supplies or Small-scale manufacturing. In any case business is move around Products and/or Projects, Sales and Marketing and Accounts and Admin. Managing these main pillars is all about Business.
SOHO, small office home office is another famous term for Small Business. This is the beauty of Small Business that it can be started from anywhere with less hassle for Government approvals, rules and regulations. With less over-heads this is also more convenient to manage Small Business.
This is highly recommended to start your own Small Business to compete with the increasing inflation and to improve your and yours’s family life style. Small Business is the best activity for your time and doing something interesting will make you happy and prosperous. 

Good Luck with your Small Business!

Writer, Shahid H. Qadri is Founder, CEO of, small business dealing in IT enabled services since last eighteen years.

Friday, 19 January 2018


Web development and Web designing are both required for some level of programming languages. Web developer must know about how to code and work on websites and application working. On the other hand, Web designer must know about color theory, graphics, design, and information flow.

Web development is the coding or programming that enables website functionality, per the owner's requirements. Web development ranges from creating plain text pages to complex web-based applications, social network applications and electronic business applications.
There are two different types of web developers: front-end and back-end. Front end developers must know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Also, realize that web designers and front-end developers have a good deal in common. Back-end developers typically work with a particular programming language and framework. They also have an understanding of databases, such as MySQL. There is also a third type of web developer called a "full stack developer". This means that this individual is familiar with both the front-end and back-end. Or as it is commonly called, "client side" and "server side".

Web design is the process of creating websites. It encompasses several different aspects, including webpage layout, content production, and graphic design. While the terms web design and web development are often used interchangeably, web design is technically a subset of the broader category of web development. Certain aspects of web design, like information flow, touch upon user experience (UX). Moreover, tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and other wire framing software are in the web designer's toolkit. As a web designer, it is good to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, there are certain web designer positions where these coding skills are not mandatory. 
Furthermore, web designers and web developer are similar because both focus on customer interaction or the end user. The designer looks at how the end user will view the process of navigating the site or web application. On the other hand, a developer will focus more so on how the customer will be able to get things done. In the end, both make the internet a better place. is proficient in Web development and Web Designing since 17 years in 2000 till present. We have experienced and potential web developer and web designer.

Farhat Parveen is Digital Marketing Consultant associated with,,,,