Friday, 7 October 2016


What is this Infocome? This is simple Income through Information technology. Or to say how to exploit information technology to generate income, which will eventually help in having a better life style. Gone are the days when Technology meant only for Scientists and Engineers. Now this a house hold thing. Thanks to the Internet. Internet changed that whole scenario. Anyone can access anything from anywhere. As such there are no more Business Secrets. Successful models are amply available and there is no restriction on copy and paste. Only thing is how many really know this? How many really believe this? How many really trying to find and how many really working hard to execute?
So if someone is interested in InfoCome, he/she should focus on this and with little time, money and energy one can do a lot. Which is not possible in any other area.
With cheap internet rates, supporting devices and increase growth of internet population, Infocome is becoming more and more easy with each passing day. However, this need real focus, dedication, effort and right direction. It need patience as well.
Infocome need;
1.       An idea
2.       Producing idea over internet
3.       Hype Creation
Right idea, in the right direction with sufficient hype will start laying eggs in less than expected time.
This need some consultation, knowledge and then time. Sincere, quality time and above all consistency
Clarity of Goals and objectives is very important aspect. Many people tried Infocome but failed. Main reason for the failures is that many inspired from the fascinating success stories of the others and jumped in the same ideas without evaluating their own ground realities. This is not a must that an idea clicked for someone and worked fine for the others too.  Success of an idea depends on many features including timing, market need, resources, team etc. Best thing to start with your own idea, even if it is something very small. Once successful small will grow big. But if you try something big without calculations, it may end up with lot of time, energy and money wasted.

Thanks to infocome, Success is no more limited to age, gender, nationality etc. It is for anyone with a will to be successful.

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