Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Gone were the days, when Kings and Queens were ruling the countries and to be more specific lands. Lands were the ultimate source of revenues, one having more land in control was supposed to be the kind. Human resource was important at that time too. By hook or by crook, keep humans in control as slaves to control the others. First industrialization gave huge damage to that paradigm and Lands were start losing sole priority in front of industries and a new generation of rules took birth. Technology gave huge advantage to this new kind of rulers. Though they are no more new.
Today, we have hundreds of countries on the map, with different styles of Governments like Democracy, Dictatorships, and Kingdoms etc. However Businesses are the main players driving the Economy and Economy is a universal truth since the beginning that eventually set all rules, traditions and culture. 
Small, Medium and Large and then Multi National, these terms may be taken as merely only for to define size of organization, its turnover and activities but in reality this is basically reflect their effectiveness on society.
From Local to Global, organization matters now. Businesses dictates the policies. Paradigm shifted. Business is first then everything else.
Business owner is like a landlord, governor or king depending upon the size of business.
Businesses are competing with each other like worriers. Though the way is humble and gentle, which we call professionalism and business ethics. Arena is different but it is there. Survival of the fittest is still in place but instead of human muscles other parameters are more important like intelligence and sharpness.
Unlike past worriers, this time opportunity is open for everyone. Thanks to technology and education, anyone can jump in to this and with efforts try his luck to get succeeded and become part of this Global world of business worriers.

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