Wednesday, 16 January 2019

How to be effective manager

 Part - XI

How to be effective manager

Effective manager means leadership that needs skills, knowledge, patience and hardworking. It is easy to do something yourself than asking someone else to do. Therefore, managing other peoples is not something very easy. However doing things alone always have limits and leading a team is an endless game. Leading a small team to leading a nation is all depends on passion, vision and objectives.
The most important thing for Manager is to have complete understanding of objective and conversion of objective into goals and targets. Objective is a qualitative term, whereas goals are measurable definite list of items and targets are just numbers.
Gathering perfect team around, who can really understand the objective and can get the goals and targets within specified period of time.
Manager should a proper strategy and plan based on the strategy to achieve objective. Availability of resources is an important part to make any plan successful.
Manager must ensure team performance and set mile-stones to see the progress and must take corrective measures if results are not as per plan.
Client satisfaction is an important part in almost all businesses and this one can ensure if products and services are;
a.      Cost-Effective
b.      Quality oriented
c.      Efficient
This we call Commitment.
Growth as an important element for a sustained business and it depends on;
d.      Performance
e.      Productivity
f.       Punctuality

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